QuickBooks Training Seminars - Hands-on!

  • Hands On Classroom Style Training - Fastest and Easiest way to retain what you've learned.
  • Taught by a QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor with 20+ years of Accounting and QuickBooks Experience. Our classroom is Hands-On, so you can learn by doing. We provide you with a computer to use in class with the latest version of QuickBooks.
  • Save time - with professional QuickBooks tips, QuickBooks shortcuts, and step by step tutorials. Select the Class Details Tab above for a Detailed Outline of the Class Curriculum.
  • Bring your Toughest Questions - Receive Answers first hand from our Pro - Before, During and After Class.
  • Learn what’s new in QuickBooks 2014 - Learn the newest features and changes in the latest version before you upgrade. Already have 2014? Learn how to use all the new features for your version; Pro, Premier and Enterprise.
  • Get Your Books Ready and Organized for the End of Year - Learn what you need to do to prepare your Company file for your Tax Preparer.

“Finally, I learned how to use my software…”

Make learning QuickBooks clear and easy by attending the very best hands-on QuickBooks software training. We all know that learning by doing is the best way to increase retention. We want to simplify the process and provide easy how to instructions that answer all your toughest QuickBooks questions.

This class is for:
  • The Business Owner who wants to understand and manage their own finances
  • The Finance or Office manager doing the work but needs to sharpen their QuickBooks skills
  • The Consultant helping businesses with accounting and tax preparation but are not familiar with all the functions and tools in QuickBooks

Kind Words from Class Participants

A great teacher, having been in the education field I really appreciated her teaching method. Alice knows when people needed attention and immediately helped them or waited. For those waiting she also explained what had happened is important because next time on the program we might be in that situation. So everything was a learning experience. She did a great job presenting materials in a clear and easy manner, at a pace that all could follow from one click to the next on the screen. Not too slow and not to fast. All questions were answered in a clear but brief manner so that the classes were not extended and people felt free to speak up. This was one of the best computer courses I have ever taken. I would recommend Alice to anyone interested in learning Quick books.

Latest Tips and News

Rules - u can, u can't

QuickBooks List Tip

QuickBooks List Tip My Employee is also My Customer …. OR My Customer is also My Vendor In order to create sales transactions for Carl (your employee) he needs to be added to the Customer List, but he is already on the Employee List as Smith, Carl. Problem: QuickBooks does not allow you to use […]

QuickBooks Sample Company File – The Sandbox

QuickBooks Sample Company Files – The Sandbox Should you “Try Out” new things in Your Company File? Instead use “The Sandbox” – QuickBooks Sample Company Files. Sample Companies are located in the “No Company Open” window. To find the “No Company Open” window – Select the File drop-down menu, then select Close Company. This will […]

QuickBooks 2014 R7 Release

QuickBooks 2014 R7 Release Should I update yet? According to the past experience with the problematic R6 Release, I say, NOT YET! As a rule, I recommend waiting a good 6 – 8 weeks after a new release comes out, so you don’t turn your company file into a lab rat! It’s always a good […]